PHOTOS: John Frusciante at the 2019 Johnny Ramone Tribute

Last Sunday, August 11, John Frusciante attended the annual Johnny Ramone Tribute event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA. Knowing he would be present, a lot of fans travelled to LA to attend the event and meet John.

According to multiple attendees, John was in good spirits and took time for all the fans who were waiting for him. John mentioned he is working on new music (electronic) but has no plans to release anything or to perform live. He was also asked about his former band members and said he was still friends with all of them. Last but not least, he said he has no problem meeting fans or being recognized in public, he is just not really used to it anymore.

Shout out to Jonah for sharing most of the information!

Below is a gallery of all the images that fans posted of the event. Shout out to all the fans and photographers who have shared their photos with John and of John. Your generosity is so very much appreciated by me and many other fans!

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Lawrence Azerrad About Californication Album Art

Lawrence Azerrad, the designer of the Californication album art, shared a post on instagram regarding the project:

Twenty years ago, I had the pleasure of designing the album art for Californication with @chilipeppers. It feels like yesterday. Collaborating with Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and John Frusciante on this was definitely special, inspiring, exciting. Sonia Koskoff took the photo of that pool, which belonged to the parents of my childhood pals. 15 million+ copies and two decades later, it’s still fulfilling to see the album and the artwork out there. Thank you RHCP, and their fans.