Rock Musicians Who Went Electronic: John Frusciante

John Frusciante was mentioned in a new article by Vulture, called ‘A Brief History of Rock Musicians Who Went Electronic‘. Amongst others were George Harrison, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Below is the excerpt of the article:

One of alternative rock’s lone guitar heroes (thanks to his solar flare solos on a run of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ albums), John Frusciante might have also become a cautionary tale. When he departed the band in 1992, he sunk deep into a heroin addiction, making some of the most addled albums of the era that sound both deep down in a hole and teetering on a precipice at once. But just as abruptly, Frusciante got clean and returned to the fold of the group for another stadium-filling run from 1998 till 2009. As he told Pitchfork: “The whole time I’d been in the band, I would’ve rather been spending all my time making electronic music.” While rocking onstage night after night, Frusciante was also stockpiling 808s and 303s for further exploration. In 2015 he made his debut as Trickfinger. But as eclectic and outlandish as his varied solo work can be, the most surprising thing about his Trickfinger alias is how straight he plays it.

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