Q&A – February 2019

Hi everyone!

Since I received so many questions on Instagram, I figured I would type them all out here and answer them. This way you don’t have to go through tons of Instagram stories and you can read them whenever you like. I have tried to categorize them a little bit, lol. If you still have questions after this, feel free to leave a comment below, send me an email or a direct message via instagram.

John Frusciante Questions

Q: Is it true that John could come back this year?
A: I can’t officially confirm or deny this, as I do not represent the RHCP or John. But I am about 99,9% sure that it is not true. People need to accept that John has left and moved on.

Q: Has Frusciante been on the last couple tours with RHCP?
A: He has not toured with the band, as he is not in the band. So no.

Q: Is there any new music from John recently?
A: John lend his vocals to Dewa Budjana for two songs, Crowded and Zone. The original songs are from Enclosure. Dewa Budjana made two entirely new songs with his vocals. Listen to them here.

Q: Do you know which parts John sings in Dosed?
A: He sings backing vocals a lot. He sings ‘Way upon the mountain where she died.’ He sings ‘Deep inside the canyon I can’t hide.’ He sings ‘All I ever wanted was your life.’ The last two lines with Anthony – but you hear John better than Anthony, in my opinion. Hope that helps!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Questions

Q: Was John the guitarist of the I’m With You (2011) Red Hot Chili Peppers album?
A: No. Josh Klinghoffer is the guitarist on that album. John’s last studio album with the Chili Peppers was Stadium Arcadium.

Josh Klinghoffer Questions

Q: Do you like Josh Klinghoffer?
A: I don’t know Josh, so I can’t say I like or dislike him. I think his music with John was great though. He is a talented guy, no doubt.

Q: Do you think Josh Klinghoffer is getting better and has potential to be as good as John?
A: I am sure he is developing himself and without a doubt has potential to grow. But he is not John and he doesn’t want to be John. Nothing good ever came from comparing John and Josh, lol.

Personal Questions – Opinions

Q: Have you met John personally? If so, what was he like?
A: I have not, unfortunately.

Q: Have you ever seen John Frusciante/The Chili Peppers live?
A: Yes. I saw the Chilis with and without John.

Q: Favorite bands besides Red Hot Chili Peppers?
A: Avenged Sevenfold – I’ve been a big fan of them since their early days!

Q: What are your favorite songs by the RHCP and John?
A: A few of my current favorite songs by the RHCP are Desecration Smile, Wet Sand, Readymade. It changes from time to time! My favorite song by John is Hope. This never changes.

Q: Which solo album of John is your favorite and why? // Which of John’s albums has the most emotional resonance for you and why?
A: Curtains. I like the mood of the whole album. It’s feels a little dark and sad. It always makes me feel better when I am not feeling well. It’s like my safe place. It makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Q: Favorite John Frusciante guitar solo?
A: Don’t know if you can consider it a solo per se but he is amazing in this jam with the Peppers. Watch it here on YouTube!

Q: Favorite RHCP intro jam?
A: Greenfest 2007, maybe… Tough question! Watch it here!

Q: Favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers album?
A: Stadium Arcadium

Q: What is your favorite hair era of John?
A: This question sucks. I can’t choose! I loved his long locks but he also rocks the shorter hair! So no favorite era I’m afraid.

Q: Do you like One Hot Minute and Dave Navarro?
A: There’s a few songs I like but it’s not an album I play a lot. Dave Navarro seems like a cool dude on instagram. That’s all I can really say about him, I don’t know him.

Q: What do you think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers now?
A: Total honesty? I think they should have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Their performances haven’t been that great and it’s extremely hard to end on a high note as a band/musician when you’re just not that great anymore. They are missing John’s magic during the shows and Anthony’s vocals are just, not that great anymore. – Before anyone feel the need to attack me, this is just my personal opinion. I am entitled to feel this way.

Q: Where are you from? And how old are you?
A: I am from The Netherlands. I just turned 32.

Q: How was your day?
A: Chill! Did some household chores and have been answering these questions for a while! How was your day?

Q: Just wanted to say thanks for all the great photos you share.
A: You’re welcome! It’s messages like these that make my day!

Q: Do you want John to join the Peppers again? Do you think he will?
A: I don’t think he will ever join them again. I want him to do whatever the fuck he wants to do. I hope he keeps us in the loop a little. A song here and there. And if he ever chooses to join the Peppers again (which I doubt) he will have my full support. Not that he would care, but he would have it, lol.

Q: If John were to join the Peppers again, would the chemistry still be the same as before?
A: It could go two ways. Either the chemistry is magical, like all the pieces falling back together again. Or they find out that too much time has passed and it just doesn’t work anymore.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: I do not.

Q: When did you make the page?
A: Started with a JF tumblr in December 2016, created a JF instagram July 2017, created the website November 2018.

Q: Have you ever thought of going to the Johnny Ramone tribute in the summer to try to meet him?
A: I have but I don’t know if I will. I have mixed feelings about it. John is there to celebrate the life of and remember his late friend Johnny Ramone. And now so many of his fans go there just to meet him. Which I get. But I can understand he might be annoyed with it. And it makes me feel a little sorry for him. So should I respect him and stay out of the way. Or say fuck it and go because it’s my chance to meet him? Tough!

Q: What is the first thing you will say/do when you meet John?
A: Introduce myself. Tell him I am a big fan of his music and thank him for sharing it with the world.

Q: What do you think of John’s new electronic/techno music?
A: I wouldn’t really call it techno. But I like his work as Trickfinger. Was listening to Trickfinger II earlier, actually! His music as Trickfinger has made me listen to a lot of other music, stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to.

Q: What would you think if John wrote a book about his life?
A: I think it would great but I don’t think he will ever do such a thing. He is very private, he chooses not to talk about subjects such as his religion. So I doubt he will ever write a book about his life and fully open up like that.

Q: What’s your favorite RHCP concert?
A: Big fan of Live at Slane Castle. I’ve seen it so often. I’m sure it’s not their best show but it for sure is my favorite show to watch!

Q: Have you ever listened to Ataxia?
A: Yes, I have. I like their music! Wouldn’t mind them making another record, haha.

Q: Are you looking forward to new RHCP music this year?
A: I am not desperately waiting for it but it will be cool to hear new music from them!

Q: According to your opinion, who is the best guitarist of all time? Frusciante doesn’t count.
A: I find this really hard to say, because I am not specifically a guitarist-fan. I am sure there are great guitarists out there that I just don’t know of. But I really like listening to Jimi Hendrix. I also really like Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) and Kirk Hammett (Metallica). If they left the bands they’re in, it would change everything. They’re amazing musicians.

Q: What is your opinion of The Empyrean?
A: Love. Love. Love it! Great album that I always enjoy listening to. John’s vocals in One More Of More are mind blowing. I remember when I heard that the first time, I didn’t believe it was him!

Q: Have you seen John play live, solo?
A: Nope. Only on YouTube, haha.

Q: If you had the opportunity to see John back in RHCP for one song live, what song would it be?
A: This is such a good question!! And so hard! Perhaps Venice Queen or Ready Made. Or just a really long jam session!

Q: Favorite era of the RHCP with John?
A: I think By The Way/Stadium Arcadium era. They were on fire!

Q: What is your opinion on Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt?
A: Honestly, my feelings about this record change from time to time. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I find it hard to form just one opinion about it. Always have!

Q: How do you feel about Omar Rodriguez-Lopez?
A: He is a great musician for sure. I like his music but don’t listen to it a lot for some reason. I have no idea why. I guess I haven’t had that ‘click’ with any of the songs yet.

Q: Anything a new fan needs to know?
A: Don’t believe everything you read. Not all of it is true.

Q: Can you recommend any good songs for someone who just started listening to John?
A: All of them are good! 😉 But I’d say, start listening to records such as Curtains, To Record Only Water For Ten Days, Shadows Collide. Just turn them on and go about your day. There’s always this one song that makes you think ‘this song is so cool, what is it called?’ In my opinion, this is the best way to introduce yourself to new music.

Q: What other artists do you like, apart from John and the Peppers?
A: As mentioned before, I am a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold. I like Metallica. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Queen, The Beatles, Elton John. Big fan of old people I guess? Ha. But I also enjoy bands/musicians like The Prodigy, Boys Noize, Kanye West, Adele, Guns N Roses, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park. And so much more. I am without a doubt leaving out many great musicians, lol.

Q: What do you think about John’s physical changes in 1997? Don’t you think it’s something more than reh?
A: I don’t know what ‘reh’ is? We all know that John’s teeth were in very bad condition after his period of drug abuse, which is why he had dental surgery. He had abcesses on his arms, which left a lot of scars. This is why he had skin grafts done. I have no problems with his scars or teeth or anything. If anything, it’s beautiful in a way. We, as humans, all carry scars. Most of them on our hearts. Invisible. John carries them on his body. He has been through a lot and came out of it beautifully. I don’t know if this answers your question. If it doesn’t, feel free to reach out 🙂

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