Californication 20th Anniversary Double Picture Disc LP

On June 8, 1999 the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their album seventh studio album, Californication. This was the first album of the band since the return of John Frusciante. And what a fantastic album it is!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Californication. To celebrate this occassion, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing a 20th Anniversary Double Picture Disc LP of the album. It will be released in September (13 or 27 – the band communicated two dates) but it is for pre-order right now! Reserve your copy here!


Some fun facts about Californication:

  • Californication is the band’s most successful album until this day.
  • They have sold over 15 million copies worldwide.
  • John Frusciante was credited with changing the band’s sound.
  • The band won a GRAMMY for Scar Tissue.
  • Singles were Scar Tissue, Around The World, Otherside, Californication and Road Trippin.
  • Parallel Universe was released as a promotional single.

Bob Forrest shares Thelonious Monster show with John Frusciante.

Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster, Bicyle Thief) recently shared a lot of audio files on One of the uploads stood out; a Thelonious Monster show from September 23, 1988 including John Frusciante on guitar. The show was held at the Cal State Fullerton Pub.

John was supposed to join Thelonious Monster but on October 5th, 1988 joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers instead.

Check out the show here.

For more on Bob Forrest, check out his website and Instagram.


The Empyrean – Third Round of Preorders!

John Frusciante’s 10 year anniversary reissue of ‘The Empyrean’ keeps selling out! The first round of preorders sold out rather quickly. I believe most of these orders have been shipped by now.

Then there was a second round of preorders, which were scheduled to be shipped ‘early April, as soon as they come in’. This second round sold out April 6th.

Did you still miss out? No worries! It is available for preorder again! Head over to the official Record Collection webshop and preorder your copy. These preorders are expected to ship late April.

If your preorder with Record Collection has not shipped yet, please be patient.

They will email you a shipping confirmation with track and trace. From what I know, Record Collection is a small, independent label so please give them time to fulfill all the orders.

If you ordered elsewhere, please inform with that shop about when they expect to ship.

TIP: A lot of preorders from other shops have been cancelled. If you have any doubts about your preorder elsewhere, preorder with Record Collection directly and cancel your preorder with the other shop.

John Frusciante by Ross Halfin

Photographer Ross Halfin posted a never-before-seen photo of John Frusciante on his instagram. The photo was taken in Los Angeles, CA in 2006. Ross shared the following information about the photo:

The second coming of J…Frusciante…it is Sunday after all. Photographed in Los Angeles, well it is the City of The Angels. This was purely Johns idea, I thought I was shooting him for a guitar magazine. This was one of my favourite photoshoots I’ve ever done. It still really upsets certain people, which I’m actually pleased about. Photography should make you stop and look, which I think this picture does.


The photos ended up in Guitar World and Total Guitar, both in 2006.