Update: John Frusciante on Dewa Budjana’s album Mahandini

As revealed earlier this year by Dewa Budjana himself, John Frusciante will be featured on Dewa’s new album Mahandini.

John has written the songs ‘Crowded’ and ‘Zone’ for Dewa. He sings on both songs and plays guitar on ‘Crowded’.

I recently reached out to Dewa himself, as the album seemed to be delayed. He informed me that the digital will be out on December 10th through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. The actual record will be for sale in the US through MoonJune and should be available in January 2019.

Keep an eye on your favorite online record shops, as they may sell the record as an import. I will provide purchasing links as soon as they are available.